Western European Culture

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Western European Culture

How the Western European influences the American Lifestyle/Social Patterns


The purpose of this presentation is to analyze how the Western European culture has influenced American lifestyle and social patterns. It is essential for nurses to have knowledge about cultural beliefs and practices and how the nurse can include those in providing healthcare. This is cultural competence, which nurses need to have so that they become aware of different cultures, and understand cultural sensitivity.


When it comes to the United States' culture, it is considered as a Western culture. In addition, the lifestyle patterns, culture and social values found in USA has its roots from most parts of the Western Europe. Initially, the USA had adopted most of the Western European culture prior to becoming a self-reliant country. Later, the USA developed its own distinct culture, which still reflects influences from the Western European culture. For instance, in the field of arts, music, religion, philosophy, social values, education and much more. As of today, the USA incorporates a range of diverse culture, primarily from the European countries which include Germany, France, Italy, and Spain to name a few. There is a long history of the USA to have immigrants from diverse culture.

USA and the lifestyles of the Americans were primarily influenced by the early settlers from the Western Europe. On other words, these settlers were Irish and English. On the other hand, it was due to strong ties with Britain that led to the inheritance of British culture, its language, social factors, legal system and much more of the culture inheritances. These contributed a lot in forming the culture and social patterns of the USA. However, the chief origins which influenced the cultural patterns of USA are Germany, Italy, and from the Western Europe.

Other than the adopted or influenced elements of the USA culture, there are those factors, which originated in the USA. These factors also contributed in playing a strong role in the national context of culture. For instance, the establishment or development of Jeffersonian Democracy. The notes of Thomas Jefferson pertaining to the Virginia State are probably considered as one of the first pieces of domestic, influential aspect, which became a cultural critique to the existing European perceptions that America's national originality was becoming collapsing. There are a number of national elements, which originated domestically in the USA, and have formed their distinctiveness. These include various festivals, holidays, sports, military tradition, arts, literature, entertainment, and innovations.

Religion and philosophies

USA is one of those developed countries, which have the most number of diverse religious groups in the world. Primarily, there are mostly Christians who reside in the USA with respect to demographics. It has been found in a survey that citizens of the United States consider religion to play a significant part in their everyday lives. This is an attitude which is also prevalent in the Western Europe. In addition, the USA has governments at all the different levels, which can be termed as secular ...
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