What Affect Does Growing Up In A Single Parent Home Have On A Female Child?

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What affect does growing up in a single parent home have on a female child?


Every child has two places where the child spends most of his time during his childhood. These two places are school and home. At school teachers are responsible for the educational development of the child. On the other hand, parents play the important role in the socializing process, the overall development and growth of their child. Parents role in growing up a child be it a male or a female is very crucial. As it is their responsibility to bring up a child who has good habits, good behavior, has a decent personality and is a responsible citizen too. Due to increased divorce rates in society the number of children living in a single-parent home are increasing too. Studies have shown that the young kids of those families are influenced dramatically, both negatively and positively.

“Seventy percent of all children will spend some or all of their childhood in single-parent families, and we know that the links between childhood environment and future success are strong” (Dowd, Pp. 17).

Single-parent children do not have the same life as compared to those children who have both. As in a normal child's case mothers stays at home with children while the father works in order to support the family. Where as a child with a single parent stays at a day care centre or with a baby sitter taking care of him at his home. The child does not get proper attention and time to spend with his parent who is working during day time. This highly affects the behavior, emotions, nature, personality, attitude and thinking of a child. This behavior could be the outcome of angst and humiliation which the child experiences during his growth.

Effect of single parenting on children

There are many negative effects on the child living in a single-parent family. It is tough for the single-parent too, to bring up a child alone. At the same time, it is tough for the child to grow up with just one parent.

“Parenting practices account for over half of the difference in high-school dropout between children in single parent families and children in two-parent families, and it accounts for about 20 percent of the difference between children in stepfamilies and those in two-parent families”. (McLanahan & Sandefur, Pp. 109)

My life as a child with a single-parent changed my perception about world entirely. It dropped my performance level as I used to stay depressed all the time. Although, in my case, it made me responsible. I learned to take my responsibilities on my shoulders. I got more mature and understanding. Especially as compared to other girls around me who had both their mother and father with them. Nowadays it is quite common for children to be raised by single-parents and, such children often face disadvantages in various ways (Hetherington, Pp. 122-329).

I have observed quite commonly that there are large numbers of children raised by only one parent, either a single father or ...
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