What Are The Different Aspects Of Branding In Various Marketing Segments? How Does It Persuade The Audience?

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What are the different aspects of branding in various marketing segments? How does it persuade the audience?



Many people have helped me in the preparation of this dissertation. I would like to especially thank Middlesex University for giving me this opportunity to write this dissertation of my favourite topic. I am always grateful to my lectures and tutors who helped me create this remarkable dissertation. They also helped me in choosing the right books for the topic and supported me in all aspects to finish this dissertation successfully.

I would also like to thank Jessica Anderson, Chelsea Smith, Marina Anton, Shaneika Williams, Sam Jackson, Steven Blackwood, Kevin Richard, Isaac Prins, William Smith, Hapreet Madan, Maryam Faizi, Chenkai Liu, Clark Davidson, So Hee Kim, Chitresh Pande, Anam Asif, Karandeep Matharoo, Jim Curran, Emma Green, Lesley John, Ryan Dennis, Harvinder Bhandal, Brenda Wilshaw, Nicky Clark, Margaret Peter, Nivethitha Narenthiran, Strutt Murphy, Tom Steven, Arzoo Zahir, Jameel Patel, Fatuma Mohamud, Neelam Kaur, Mayuran Krishnakumar, Thuthejne Naguleswaranathan, Juliet Strang, Ceilia Payton, David Masterson, Tom Street, Thamilini Sathijendiran and Racheal Patrick, the members of the local gym “Life Style Health and Fitness Studio”, Hayes, London who helped me to complete the survey results regarding the most liked sportswear brand by the teenagers. In particular, I would thank Rohit Bora, sales assistant of Foot locker, Ealing, London for sharing an interview in his busy schedule. My special thanks to all the brands that I have used in my dissertation.

On the whole, this dissertation is dedicated to all my lectures and tutors who supported me to complete this dissertation.


I [type your full first names and surname here], declare that the contents of this dissertation/thesis represent my own unaided work, and that the dissertation/thesis has not previously been submitted for academic examination towards any qualification. Furthermore, it represents my own opinions and not necessarily those of the University.

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The concept of this dissertation is about the relationship between brands and the consumers. In addition, it portrays how the brands are improving themselves to attract their target audience and in turn it shows the response from the target audience. However, I have briefly discussed branding in different industries like sportswear, fashion, electronics and hotels with suitable examples in terms of consumer behaviour towards the brands. To make this dissertation more appealing, some pictures of the brands which I have discussed in this dissertation is added. Furthermore, a flow chart is added which briefly explain the growth of branding in a simple way and the table which I have added in chapter 2 will deliver the survey results of the best sportswear brands preferred by the teenagers. As we can notice that chapter 3 has clearly stated the drawbacks of brands because of counterfeiting and how the counterfeiting has influenced the consumers. In chapter 4, a topic speaks about the collaboration of brands with different industries with examples. Finally, this dissertation is for all the readers who are passionate about branding. It also enables the readers to know more about the ...
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