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What is PHP?

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What is PHP?

Executive Summary

PHP is an exclusive acronym for "Hypertext Preprocessor" also "Personal Home Page tools "). It is a scripting language with one of C and Perl style similar syntax that is mainly used to create dynamic web sites or web application. PHP is free software under the PHP license distributed. PHP is characterized by the broad database support and Internet-protocol integration, and the availability of numerous function libraries from. PHP is at about 75% of all Web sites used as a server-side programming language, making it the most widely used language for creating Web sites.


PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) is a scripting language that runs on the server side. A script is a sequence of simple instructions, unstructured, to automate certain tasks. A scripting language is language used to implement programs generally small and interpreted. The interest is to make simple, quick, utility. A server is a computer and holding special resources it makes available to other computers via a network. The term "PHP" is going to be able to qualify a script, a script language, the program that interprets scripts written in this language.


The PHP script, (i.e. the sequence of instructions), is interpreted in the PHP scripting language, it means that here is not compiled. Yes, but what do the compilation? Compile it means passing the source code of a program to a binary executable using appropriate software (the compiler) to translate into machine language code lines. The executable program is then a binary code understandable directly by the processor, or file containing commands resulting from the operations system. But it is not directly understandable by a human, except the third generation of mutant able to read lines of code in binary.

WEB servers on which the PHP module is installed then allow execution of PHP scripts, since they operate on the server side (see definition).

Personal Home Page tools

PHP was created in 1995 by Rasmus Lerdorf developed. The term itself was still for Personal Home Page Tools, and was originally intended as a substitute for a collection of Perl scripts designed to Lerdorf had written to the logging of accesses to his online resume.


Soon Lerdorf created a more extensive version of the C programming language is developed in PHP today. The finally released PHP / FI (Form Interpreter FI stood for) was very similar to Perl, albeit limited.


PHP3 was by Andi Gutmans and Zeev Suraski rewritten as the now released PHP / FI 2 in their opinion, for e-commerce has been inadequate. Lerdorf now cooperated with Gutmans and Suraski, and so the development of PHP / FI set. The version of PHP3 brought the proliferation of Web-scripting language PHP significant progress.


Founded by Gutmans and Suraski Company Zend Technologies Ltd. later designed the Zend Engine 1, which forms the core of PHP 4 standard implementation. With PHP 4, the execution speed of complex applications and security when using global variables have been improved. Its introduction was the support for many more Web servers, ...
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