What Is The Psychology Of Men Who Rape?

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What Is the Psychology of Men Who Rape?


A rape is a form of physical attack when one individual coerces another for the sexual intercourse against the persons wish and consent. Expert psychologists believe that a rape is primarily a cause of aggressive desire rather than an attempt to achieve sexual fulfillment. It is a violent act; therefore, the victim is not necessarily to be threatened with weapon etc, only the coercion and force are sufficient.


To Get Rid of Frustration

Men do not expostulate during rape, is suggested by various researches. Men usually target those women, who need to be disciplined and do not talk to most people. Such women consider themselves as superior. Therefore, men rapists use assault to punish such women's. Men through such an aggressive act vents out their anger and frustrations. This proves the point that men rape due to the reason of controlling and punishing women who do not act upon their rules of behavior (Fessier, pp. 406).

To Procreate

Unsuccessful men use rape tactics to achieve sexual access to desirable mates, is proved by various Sociobiologists. They assert to pass their genes to the next generation by making the women pregnant.

Right to Control

A rapist usually uses violent force to take control of another human being; therefore, rape is more about a power rather than a sex. It represents an unequal power relationship between men and women.

Society has always framed norms and morals for the women community; therefore, if both genders seem to cross them, it will ultimately lead to grand victimization (Gangestad, pp. 203).

Biological Reasons

Men mostly rape because of snowed under hormones biologically. Past statistics reflects that most rapists are teenagers who had many close relationship female friends. They mostly prefer date rape. When men learn to rape by substituting new lessons, it enhances the love relationships and responsibilities of being loved and to love.

Hidden Motivation

Rape becomes more a fantasy rather than a sexual desire, when combined with the wish for power. Most men feel jealous of rapists, if they are able to fulfill their sexual need by going through the unreliable channels (Lee, pp. 185).

Men Feel Jealous of Rapists

In most cases, men feel jealousy from other rapists, if they do not get a chance to rape any women or girl. Unfortunately, men feel further anger and confusion, if their social class is lower than that of the victim. The core reason behind all this phenomena is that rapist thinks that he had to go through the proper channels to rape a woman; therefore, it results in severe jealousy and outrage is at peak.

Researches had concluded that a jealousy phenomenon is most prevalent theme behind all rapist activities. There could be various reasons such as differences in social class, nationality, occupation, dominance of women over men, unequal carrier growth opportunities. Therefore, outrage is even intense here.

Reasons That Force Men to Rape at Date

Now the question arises that how men with good intentions force or coerce its opposite gender for sex? There are numerous reasons such as:

In various ...
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