What Makes An Effective Teacher?

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What Makes an Effective Teacher?

What Makes an Effective Teacher?

Topic and Statement of Problem

One of the hardest things to define about education and its practitioners is what is considered to be up to standards or codes and what works. Sometimes these things fit together like puzzle pieces and we can see the whole picture coming together, even if we do have some stalls along the way. Many times the curriculum is designed and expected to be taught, but doesn't offer a specific manner of presentation. This leaves a rather large gap for the educators to fill. (Jonathan, 2004, 116)

Importance of this Research

The purpose of this research paper is to promote more powerful teaching and learning by clarifying how to create an effective success rubric. While Researchers was student teaching in Fall of 2004 Researchers attended a Math workshop halfway dedicated to creating successful rubrics as a way of guiding and assessing math. At this workshop Researchers was informed of how, in elementary schools and with the new Georgia Performance Standards, rubrics are going to become the main form of assessment in the classroom and will start being used as a form of grading system. Because of this, Researchers find it critical for teachers to learn how to create successful rubrics for the sake of their students as well as themselves. The more teachers know about how rubrics are set up and used, and the more practice teachers receive by using successful rubrics, the more confident teachers will be when using them and the more successful their students will be. Since Researchers am preparing to be a teacher myself, Researchers would like to be educated in all areas of assessment. (Jonathan, 2004, 116)

Research Question

How can teachers develop effective success rubrics?Definition of Key TermsRubricA rule or guide presenting clear criteria by which a complex performance can be judged.


A term used loosely to refer to any type of appraisal of young children. In a narrower sense it refers to information from multiple indicators and sources of evidence, which is then synthesized, integrated, interpreted, and evaluated to make an assessment.

Authentic Assessment

The situation or context in which the task, which is as close as possible to real-life practical and intellectual challenges, is performedBenchmark/ StandardA point of reference for measurement and evaluation.

PromptUsed in the rubric to tell the students and their parents exactly what is expected of the learner in a given assignment.

Quality Indicators

Provide specific details about what is expected in each of the criteria categories.

Analysis and Review of Literature

Learning the basic skills necessary for you to become an effective educator can be especially difficult for a first year teacher. Becoming an effective teacher takes practice and special guidance from mentors and administrators. Effective teaching does not involve presenting your exciting lessons or activities to the class, it is a craft learned over time. Effective teaching is a teaching philosophy that can distinctly change given the situation. For example, a classroom with five students is a much different situation than addressing a class ...
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