What Women Want (2000)

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What Women Want (2000)


The aim of this assignment is to conduct the movie analysis of “What Women Want (2000)”. What Women Want is a film of 2000 directed by Nancy Meyers and starring Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt. This film gives the instructions to the men to be loved and adored by women or how to make the most macho man who is worshiped as a god by other men, who is able to understand women, know their deepest desires by reading their thoughts.

Based on the life of a publicist, Mel Gibson brings to life an eccentric worker Nick Marshall of an advertising company, based on his experiences as a child, the character of a connoisseur of the female mind, what makes a man confident itself. It creates a reputation as a womanizer, when things begin to change. A film that takes various elements that fascinate women, but is also sold for men, were taken up in "What Women Want". It is a comedy that pleases the viewer with the troubles of Mel Gibson, an actor capable of being a good comedian or a violent hero (Tyler, 2012).

The film is based on how to understand women but within the story's two protagonists are a company's creative designers. What they do is to assess consumers depending on the product interests, and seeking to meet the needs using the product. They begin with that consumer research, and then seek the benefits of the product to be sold or to be launching the advertising campaign and finally think and analyze all advertising strategies that will help sell the product and get a better position within society.

What is the relationship with our course is that it looks as handle advertising strategies within a company to launch or reposition a product, and what I thought was very important and I will put it into practice now is to see life as analyzed consumer to make an advertisement, it is best to characteristics of the consumer's daily life so that they can identify with the products.

With the Nike brand advertising, which suggests safety and comfort? Since Mel Gibson commercial used to show the boss that his idea is great for a lady appeared using Nike running sneakers. Public relations focus to the needs and desires of the client whom are women. We realize that sometimes the people in charge to give us a product that is of our grade and also to cover our needs that we disclose a product you do not need (Plot Summary for What Women Want, 2000).

Discussion and Analysis

The movie begins by showing the life of a divorced man with lots of money which is successful in the business and women are concerned. It is the typical man with all the money available in the world and one of the most important positions in its company to be with women who want to, plus it knows to treat them as they want to at first, but after them realize that it is not ...
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