White Teeth

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“White Teeth” by Zadie Smith

White Teeth by Zadie Smith

“Our children will be born of our actions. Our accidents will become their destinies."


We shall first pave way for understanding how the significance of family prevails in the light of settling in a guest country and learning the ways to adopt different avenues and understanding the whereabouts of the considerations that are being made. Here, we shall pave way to understanding the cosmopolitan of families (the Jones, the Chalfens and the Iqbals), and that how their lives are being impacted and affected by the societal patterns and external pressures that hold a strong impact upon the teachings of family, practicing core values and creating an epitome of pious life in the midst of living abroad (Smith, 2000).

Importance of Family in White Teeth

While skimming through “White Teeth”, Smith has pertained to narrate and intend a flawless and balanced reputation of all her stories that she has incorporated; from the incorporation of a Muslim brotherhood to scientific controversy to the experimentation of a FutureMouse to extra-marital affairs to coming together and making a difference, the novel implies a delicate, yet a powerful hodgepodge of crazy and different ideas that pertain to the likes of different people and narrating different stories simultaneously, leading to an expected powerful explosion (Smith, 2000).

In my viewpoint, it seems that the most innate and profoundly surprising stories prevail in the light of family and its development. In the case of 'White Teeth', it seems that Smith pertains to create the real world through her story; and tries to narrate to the readers as to what are the casualties that individuals face while living by the rules and codes coined in a family setting.

Discussion in the light of “White Teeth”

Sexual function families: it is widely accepted in society and the Catholic Church by way of sexual intercourse jingo, which aims at the creation of the pervasive, pious offspring. Of course, very often, so that the children blatantly come from outside the marriage - but it is condemned and in some cultures is a crime and violation of ethical rule - the moral. As one could witness the dwelling relationship that the characters (Irie, Magid and Millat & Clara's mother in a relationship with Clara's ex-boyfriend) had interchangeably maintained, one could excerpt and skim through the idea that it is with this level of understanding and comprehension that how twisted life can get when it comes maintaining relationships with members of family and outsiders (Walker, 2007).

The rules governing family law have been included as mundane, yet methodical principals in the Family and Guardianship Code of 25 in the year 1964 (Dennis, pp. 12-16). Noteworthy is the community property, joint, etc. As a family, residing in the common language is considered as a person closer to or farther from relatives such as grandparents of both spouses. Although considered arid, individuals generally pertain to struggle to maintain the overall web of family relationships in the form of cousins and distant ...
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