Why & How Hollywood Did Become Famous In The Past Years?

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Why & how Hollywood did become famous in the past years?


Hollywood is one of the popular film industries in the world, and all the produced film are released across the world. There are different reasons that are attributing to the success of Hollywood and cause such level of popularity. In this research paper we are going to discuss all these reasons. In this research paper we also discuss some of the recent released movies and how they accepted across the world.


In the mass media, at the multiplex, and in the minds of millions, the summer of 2008 belonged to "the Batman" and his Joker. To have seen The Dark Knight (Roland pp.25-30) within its first days meant subjecting oneself to long lineups with no guarantee of ticket or, should that be secured, good screening time or seat.

Now, it certainly seems odd that people should line up in this way for a movie of unsure quality when they could just stay at home and watch media content they are already paying for, or get for free. In the face of these risks and annoyances, how might we account for the manifested need to see the film?' Was it purely a function of hype, making The Dark Knight's audiences passive "dopes" of the Hollywood industry, partaking of some sort of collective frenzy or mass hysteria? Was it due to the success of the previous film of the franchise, Batman Begins, or Frank Miller's graphic novel on which the series is based? Was it on account of the desire generated by the trailers revealing the film's narrative are, chief characters, and the "darkness" of this superhero film that promised to bring back a sense of gravity to the silver screen after so much superhero fluff? Or, had it something to do with the morbid appeal of experiencing Heath Ledger's performance, which had already received rave reviews from pre-screenings, including talk of a posthumous Oscar?

Wanting to know the "top reason for The Dark Knight's opening weekend success", one popular box office tracking website conducted an online poll of its members and found that when supplied with twelve possible reasons ranging from "media hype, including reviews" to "word-of-mouth from Batman Begins" and "director Christopher Nolan's vision", over forty per cent of members selected "Heath Ledger's performance"; another eight selected "the Joker", the character Ledger plays'. Directorial "vision" was chosen second by just fifteen per cent of members, while the "stunts and special effects" came in last as the choice of only a tiny fraction of voters. To have selected "Heath Ledger's performance" or the "director's vision".

The top two choices - was to suggest that people arrived at the theatre already knowing the quality of the actor's performance and the director's vision. This twisted temporal logic indexes the importance of other reasons, such as "media hype", the "marketing campaign" and the "word of mouth from Batman Begins". In other words, one both can and cannot single out a reason for The Dark ...
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