Why Did The Writings Of Confucius Become Influential In China?

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Why did the writings of Confucius become influential in China?

Why did the writings of Confucius become influential in China?


Confucius was a kind man. From poor beginnings he became so leading that his preaching instigated a religion with a viewpoint and a lifestyle that has endured till today. In Chinese, the name of Confucius was Kong Fu Zi. From his fundamental lessons in the Analects or discussions, a social system, political system and a philosophy is developed which was on the basis of harmony merit and tolerance.

Life of Confucius

Confucius took birth in 551B.C in Lu, which is located in Shandong province and famous as Qufu. The birth of Confucius was the result of his parents' prayers at sacred hill known as Ni.

Confucius has been the most influencing personality over Chinese character. In addition to a famous thinker, teacher and unsuccessful politician, he was the foremost intellectual with noble morals, among all. He always followed truth, humanity and excellence all through his life. His achievements and failures were the results of his personality, which contained an enduring influence on Chinese intellect.

His Chinese name was Qiu as his parents had pleaded for a son at Niqiu Hills, and his name was a gesture of gratitude and happiness for the acceptance of their prayer. Unfortunately, his father passed away when he was very young; however, even with a difficult life, he devoted himself to education at the age of 15 years.

Loyalty was the source of inspiration for a young Qiu, and he developed his vision on a professional career as a means to apply his political ideals. He achieved popularity by the age of 30 years; however, his official name did not achieved great significance until his age of 51 years.

His action-packed career endured for just 4 years because, he was compelled to sign the resignation letter when he found it unattainable to agree with the authorities. His ideas were not acceptable to the authorities to such extent that he was compelled to leave his country and to explore the states.

In the period of these fourteen years, his life was at stake on several occasions. He even risked his life for the betterment of his state. When he was 68 years old he was welcomed back to Lu; however, he was developed as a respectable gentleman devoid of any influence. When he was 73 years old, he passed away because of illness. An intellectual star left this world. His students considered him as their father, and they wore the willow for 3 years.

One of the renowned followers of Confucius established a cabinet, close to his tomb. He stayed there for 6 years to express grieve for his adored mentor. Confucius had never thought that his only tomb would turn out to be a huge graveyard of Confucius, and his ideology would become the custom for Chinese society.

The career of Confucius as a mentor and philosopher was bright and full of successes as compared to his frustrated political career. Majority of his methodology of education ...
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