Why Do People Join Gangs?

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Why do People Join Gangs?

After hearing about the violent or destructive act committed by the gang, many individuals wonder why people join gangs in first place. Perhaps we cannot ever understand all of genuine reasons why every person who belongs to the gang primarily determined to join. However, speculation that arises from media and real life positions supplies some signs into figuring out an answer. Why is this study so important? Because if some of reasons behind joining the gang can be revealed, then both legislation and persons can help worried persons find another source of sign for their specific difficulties.

There are some causes why persons join gangs, encompassing very juvenile kids. The following are just some of them.

To Feel Accepted

One of most widespread causes why this occurs is that it donates person the sense of acceptance. It presents one-by-one the sense of family or identity. The foremost of group is looked upon as the leader or patriarchal figure. The other members are seen as family members (Sheldon, 52).

This is not to state that only those from broken families connect these groups. Unfortunately, some families are simultaneously only in name. If person sees his / her parents fighting they may get advocate to look for another “family”.

To Make Money

Another likely cause why persons connect gangs is economic needs. A jobless one-by-one desperate for cash may connect the group involved in illicit activities to make cash.

Peer Pressure

For teenagers and juvenile persons, it can be due to leverage from friends. Adolescents routinely desire to be accepted by their peers. This is not inevitably an awful thing, but in some examples it can be dangerous. For some, connecting these assemblies can be the pattern of gaze pressure. Others may do it just to “prove” themselves.

False Sense of Security

Growing up in an unsafe district, or ...
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