Why Gays Shouldn't Be Allowed In The Military

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Why Gays Shouldn't Be Allowed In the Military


In the 1st week of his establishment, in his zeal to save at least one of his plethora of campaign guarantees, Bill Clinton written a political firestorm after he signaled an executive lead elevating the ban against military service by free-spoken, practicing gays. In doing so, he organized a somber fault which risked injuring the one run of the federal central social family members that presently works.

For weeks, "experts" any person who knew none of the military experience spouted psychobabble comes seal the military's "need" to overcome its "homophobia." The media did their component by parading gays commissioned officers (whose experience is hardly representative) any person who contended that they implemented their duties well and that what they did in private harmed no one. None of this was relevant, and all of it entirely missed the point. The real subject was hidden in this smoke and mirrors: Is the presence of known, free-spoken, practicing gays disruptive to the good lead and discipline of military cubicles consequently rendering homosexuality incompatible with military service?


The presence of known gays is disruptive to the good lead and discipline of military units. When roommates became a couple, they suspended to be constituents of our unit in a social and emotional sense. Their undertaking to one another negated the wanted loyalty to the Army and to their fellow soldiers. They willfully violated the justice and policies of an organization that they freely joined. Not simply were they abusive to me, they were defensive and confrontational with other constituents of our unit. They conducted as though we and the Army were the ones any person who were wrong. For our component, we others couldn't and wouldn't recognize their relationship. This exacerbated the circumstances and turned it into them against us. This ...
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