Why Shouldn't I Put This Puppy In The Microwave?

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Why Shouldn't I Put This Puppy in the Microwave?

Puppy torture through microwave is an issue our society has yet to properly face and deal with for what it is. Beyond what is conspicuous to us who see aggression of this nature to be an unconscionable lack of compassion, unthinkable, even perverse, for those who do not consider animals in the identical way, should still take this issue as extremely grave for the fact that it is the entrance to violence. It is time that our nation begins to take animal abuse very seriously.

For nearly two decades the mental health and neuroscience community research has shown animal abuse as a mental fracture from normal demeanor, a corrosion of empathic capabilities; that more times than not escalates if not addressed, usually to exceedingly violent grades. This violent behavior both perpetrated and even witnessed has a corrosive effect on moral behavior and the ability to restrain ones inappropriate behavior by perverting empathic development, which is essential in emotional self regulation and normal social behavior. For the safety and moral evolution of our humanity we need to halt regarding these actions as "pranks", "bad judgment" or "property impairment" and identify it for as a serious need of intervention. Not just giving the penalties or serving time but in supplement and most significantly, treatment. You would believe that that is conspicuous but usually the perpetrators get a slap on the wrist and/or a fine but the genuine depth of the topic is not dealt with. It is the community's/societies blame to address this correctly and defend the blameless animals and likely future human victims.

It is unethical to torture a defenseless puppy for personal amusement. Microwaves fundamentally increase the warmth of biological fluids, including the fluids of the cardiovascular scheme and the inner-ear canal. Cruelty to ...
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