Why The Jet Stream Are Important To Our Eco System?

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Why the Jet Stream Are Important To Our Eco System?


Jet stream play vital role in the atmospheric general circulation. According to Meteorologists there are three major principles of jet streams that the troposphere had (Rohli 74).

Westerly polar (or polar front) jet stream of the winter and summer hemispheres;

westerly subtropical jet stream of winter and summer hemispheres;

Easterly subtropical jet stream of the summer hemisphere” The jet stream is an important aspect in our climate.

And all these principles help during the pollination of new seed to other parts of the entire world. These principles also helps to maintain the level of precipitation in the environment either the climate changes are favorable or not as per the need.


Jet streams are fast-flowing air currents that are thousands of kilometers long, a couple of hundred kilometers wide, and a few kilometers thick; they are found between 10 and 15 km above the surface. There are two jet streams:

(1) Subtropical, fluctuating about 30° and

(2) Polar, fluctuating about 60° and influenced by the Rossby waves.

Surface winds range in scale from meters to thousands of kilometers, and their air temperature differences have different causes. Land-sea breezes typically direct wind from the land to the water in the evenings, when lower temperatures and higher pressure are observed on the land, compared with higher temperatures and lower pressure observed over the water (Grenci 41). These winds are strongly influenced by the high thermal holding capacity of water. Various regional names (e.g., mistral in Southern France and taku in Alaska) are used to describe katabatic drainage-type winds; cold dense air accumulates in high valleys or plateaus and descends (in altitude) due to gravity. “Snow-eating” winds are specific to mountain ranges in which cold, moist air ascends the windward slope, condenses, and adiabatically descends the ...