Wilson Sporting Goods

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Wilson Sporting Goods

Wilson Sporting Goods

Introduction to the Assignment

This assignment is based on the marketing strategies for the Wilson Sporting Goods company. In order to make the assignment more easily understandable, the assignment has been divided into 3 different tasks, which will cover the entire marketing conditions and working of the Wilson Sporting Goods company. The three tasks of the assignment are as under:


TASK A - Market Environment Analysis Introduction

Wilson Sporting Goods is the world's leading manufacturer, marketer and distributor of the sports equipment. It primarily operates in Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa, Americas and Europe. In the past decade, the brand has become widely recognized and financially strong. A strong brand allows expansion in the market share and prolonged consumer satisfaction. The same has been the case with Wilson Sporting Goods. No doubt, the brand came across hard times in the forms of social allegations but, their marketing campaigns specially helped it revive its brand image (Bitner, 2002, pp 57). The swoosh sign is recognizable in almost the entire world. This alone accounts for Wilson Sporting Good's worldwide success beside its differentiation.

Marketing Objectives

Wilson Sporting Goods introduces new products through marketing communication group that can strengthen Wilson Sporting Goods brand position. These promotions are in the form of visual aids and point of purchase advertising. In connection to this, Wilson Sporting Goods continuously aims to apply marketing tactics that are appropriate with the people who reside in these continents or nations. For example, aside from traditional advertising in the form of television and billboards, Wilson Sporting Goods also makes use of contemporary marketing instruments such as the Internet. Some marketing objectives are

To employ cost effective marketing programs

To translate Wilson Sporting good's brand equity in the marketing communication

To show the social responsibility aspect through brand communication

To utilize the online marketing medium effectively in order to target potential customers (Kim, 2003, pp 11)

Source: http://www.google.com.pk/imgres?q=wilson+sporting+goods&hl=en&sa

Marketing Strategies and Programs

It promotes the products through celebrity endorsements and sponsorship programs. Wilson Sporting Goods has adopted a 360-degree marketing strategy to get the message heard by a large number of people. Wilson Sporting Goods, brought about this campaign in 2008, brought the most remarkable campaign. The campaign centred on the idea that people will accept sports equipment as a fashion statement. The campaign was followed by bright, energetic advertisements, in which the sports equipment was shown more a fashion item than running wear. Through this Wilson Sporting Goods was successful in tapping the fitness conscious segment effectively. The idea behind the campaign was a reaction to Reebok's and Nike's marketing strategy of making sports accessories common. Wilson Sporting Goods wanted to expand its market regardless of age, gender or geographic location, and the company was successful in attaining so (Anderson, 2007,pp 71).

Marketing Activities (4 Ps)

Wilson Sporting Goods is engaged in the production of a variety of sports accessories, competing with every sports fashion brand. Because of the intense competition, Wilson Sporting Goods has no direct competitors, except Adidas and ...
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