Windows Vista Vs Windows 7

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Windows Vista VS Windows 7

Windows Vista VS Windows 7


There was much talk of the new operating system Windows Seven developed by the renowned software development company, Microsoft; and in recent days, it is said that the company has undertaken to deliver the pre-beta version and some select developers who will be responsible for testing to determine which faults can be found in this system. As in all other revisions, Windows Seven provides better features and services.

These tests have been done due to lack of efficacy and practicality of the operating system launched earlier this year, Windows Vista, with which the company faced fierce criticism had lost credibility among the users. We now will compare the brand new Microsoft operating system with its predecessor, Windows Vista, which had the misfortune of chosen as "bluff of the Year.”


Total capacity

In the first part of our study, we tested the system performance in terms of normal daily activities. At boot time and shutdown time, care and out of sleep mode. As we all know, it all has to do almost daily to each user, and we know many people who have to sit and be bored while the laptop for a long time to boot. So that the gain of even a few seconds will be a small victory. Both systems configured to automatically log on without entering a password. Timer starts immediately after pressing the power. He turned down only when a fully loaded desktop and the system are at rest. (Hoover, 2008)

And this measurement showed very pleasing results - Windows 7 loaded 30% faster than Vista. To be honest, we expected that both systems show quite acceptable and about equal results, because each of them had fast SSD-drive and did not overload with extraneous software. Yet this has turned out a pleasant surprise. This really make difference among two big windows.


One of the main complaints of users when Vista came was that "everything had changed places," they said. Obviously, after almost 6 years with the ancient and outdated XP interface, radical change was needed in this area. But for many people that change was "too radical" and that was one reason why Vista was poorly received by many people.

But now things are different. With the Aero interface and absorbed by people, I do not think that users "ordinary" have a hard time getting used to the look of Windows 7, and even less advanced users.

Windows 7 bar in View mode that in itself is very likely that the "superbar" initially confuse many users. The problem with it is that by default hide the names of open applications, gives us no such information "out" as did the taskbar in Vista, and we put things difficult when we have several open windows one application. Fortunately, this is solved simply by going to options and selecting "Combine When taskbar is full" where it says "Taskbar buttons". Presumably this will be the default behavior in the final version of Windows ...
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