Wireless Internet

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Wireless Internet


Presently, the term wireless internet has been used widely but the term is often interchangeably used with wireless fidelity (Wi-Fi), although wireless internet is one of the services provided through Wi-Fi. Wireless internet is run by radio waves in contrast with wire and is also able to connect multiple computers through local area network. The thing that brings in internet connection is a central hub which is hard wired device. The hard wired device or hub is usually connected with a main computer or server, which provide internet connectivity to clients. The hub usually covers a limited geographical area, and anyone in the range of hub can connect to internet with wireless LAN card. (Guttag, Pp. 56-57)

Kinds of wireless internet

There are three different kinds of wireless internet connection:

Wide Area Network (WAN)

The internet connection provided by a cellular company is called as wide area network. In WAN user can connect to the internet by plugging a device into the computer given by the company or can also connect to the wireless internet through a username and password where the service is available.

Local Area Network

LAN or Local Area Network is limited for particular area like home, offices, schools etc. LAN is one of the best ways to setup wireless internet connection within a specific radius. Although, LAN connections at home are often considered as insecure and people can easily acquired any personal information of the user when s/he connects to the internet.

Personal Area Network

Personal Area Network or (PAN) is said to be established when one device attaches onto a wireless network. For instance; the mobile phone with enabled Bluetooth that enables its user to access the files stored on computers, uses the wireless network provided by home phone provider. The personal area network basically leeches off of an existing ...
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