Womans Sexual Health In Forensic Mental Health

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Woman's sexual health in Forensic mental health

Woman's sexual health in Forensic mental health

This case study will soley be based on forensic psychiatry setting. Anna is young lady, age 32 mother of two young girls, who has been in patient of thomas embling hospital since 2007. she has diagnosis of schizoaffective disorder-Bipolar type, with evidence of emergence of her illness around the age of 19. Whilst at TEH Anna had two sexual episodes with co-patient. In the case study please discuss harm minimisation, also Please make sure you cover the clinical (physical and psychological), legal, policy and ethical issues and always refer back to the forensic context. To address the specific needs of sexual violence victims who sought medical help shortly after attack, interdisciplinary response was developed, coordination in crisis situations and Services professional forensic evidence collection when the victim wanted to let the attack to the police.

For these victims, a new field of medical specialization evolved, sexual violence Expert (SAE), also known as SANE (Sexual assault nurse expert) and SAFE (sexual assault forensic). SAES trained health workers who have higher education and clinical training in forensic.

Victims of sexual violence, and companies cooperating with local victim advocates to support forensic examination and coordinate response services.

When a victim wants to report the attack to the law bodies, the existing relations between SAE, the victim's lawyer and the police department assistance to victims at the center response. Some communities created a sexual assault response team to coordinate these efforts. Protocols and individual and group training, all crucial, but they must be connected to a wide reform institutions and policies that affect medical care and public health strategies. (Hasegawa, H 2002).

Confidentiality of health. Significantly consequence in the medical documentation of abuse confidentiality of medical records of these records. Women who were sexually assaulted, abused, harassed or share with many other. Health consumer concerns about inappropriate access to and use of health information record insurance companies, employers, and the law law enforcement agencies.

In addition, victims domestic violence, he added concern potential access of the criminal. Few laws exist to prevent spousal access to medical records. Removing Barriers to forensic sexual assault examinations and related treatment. One problem is The practice of conditioning the medical or forensic demands that the victim report to law enforcement authorities or to participate in the proceedings. Such practices compromise the sexual assault survivors access to emergency care care services they may need and can place them at further risk.

Mandatory reporting law medical health care providers. With the increasing recognition that violence against women is a public health problem, Some countries have introduced policies require medical services in the internal report violence and sometimes sexual abuse, the law executive authorities. Growing evidence suggests that mandatory reporting could not improve patient health and safety and may prevent some victims from seeking medical help. More research is needed on unintended consequences these policies and how they affect the victim's health and safety ...
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