Women's Clothing Boutique

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Women's Clothing Boutique

Executive Summary

Genie's Touch Style Studio is a fashionable women's garments boutique that aims to launch itself in July. 'Genie's Touch' is to add the magical element in the clothing lines available in the market, and its essence of being exclusively innovative. Genie's Touch brings attractive stylish brands for qualified women, for instance the urbane silhouettes of Herr Frau and deluxe Jamin Puech handbags. Genies' Touch clothes collections in addition to special individual fashion services that encompass a thorough Style Assessment that attributes nine diverse style personas will make certain that Genie's Touch clients are at all times well dressed.

Genie's Touch Style Studio is a fashionable women's attire boutique that will open in July this year. Genie's Touch clothes collection and elite individual style services that encompass a thorough Style Assessment will make certain that the clientele are finely attired. Genie's Touch is a female-owned production at present structured as an Entrepreneur.

Women's Clothing Boutique


Clothing for Stylish Women Genie's Touch will bring Ready-to-Wear (RTW) exclusive and informal, fashionable clothes & trimmings for women. As well to the magnificent Herr Frau line, Genie's Touch will attribute other preferred collections by American and European designers. The Genie's Touch client is a full of activity proficient woman who resides in Leicester with a family unit earnings over £100K. She takes pleasure in the boutique fashions, plus desires a place where she can go to acquire services that meet her demanding standard of living (Slutsky 2007, Pp.148).

Unique & Innovative Genie's Touch will present services for instance Style reviews, modifications, private shopping to customers and exceptional ordering by clientele in work hours and through individual arrangements. The industry trained stylists will be available for the clients on the regular basis. The reputation of Genie's Touch will be enhanced as an exceptional boutique by the stylist's reviews and suggestions, as well as the educating the women in attiring themselves fashionably.

Getting the word out Referral by personal stylists and utilizing other Public Relation tactics to improve the sales, and make people aware of the presence of Genie's Touch. Moreover, Genie's Touch will meet the clients wherever they are, aiming on how women moves toward shopping via getting hold of referrals and appraisal in the top style magazines, local papers and voyage guides (Gerson 2003, Pp.56).

Management Jennifer McCann has met the know-how to harmonize and grow the business, with over 12 years of marketing and retail ownership experience. Genie's Touch Consulting team has Retail accounting expertise, legal contracts, fashion and design; the comprehensive work schedule of venture chart has been established.  The store design with marketing elements is currently being finalized, and purchase for the Fall/Winter time of year was concluded in April (Gerson 2001, Pp.121).

1.1 Mission

To present women with a boutique of relaxed and amicable setting

To display well-constructed, quality fashion designer clothes

To educate women and help learn how to choose the clothes which best suites their individual personality.

To improve the sales by adopting the top quality public relations tactics

1.2 Keys to Success

Opening the store in the up market high locality

Managing ...
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