Women's Lives Over Early History Eras

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Women's lives over early History Eras

Women's lives over early History Eras


Women, over the years have evolved a lot in the social, economic and political, although there are still many people (mostly men) who do not accept this change to have a misconception of women (it only serves to be home) and do not assume that a family is a group of people who share feelings, experiences, goods, work together. The role of women has acquired the most significant aspect over the different eras in the history. The following essay is going to evaluate the role and the lives of women over the historic eras.


Women's Lives, Roles, and Status over Historic Eras

Define the woman and trace its historical path independent within different social contexts is something very difficult, this is because the subordination of women to men is ancient and invests not only the family sphere, but also of social, political and economic, for an arc of a very long time. Let's have a look over the role and the status of women over the ancient historic eras.

The Women of the Greek

In Athens, the capital of Greece and ancient wisdom, she is ignorant. The man considered an inferior being, limiting their freedom. The laws define it incapable of making a will, subject to the supervision of her father or husband. The great writer of Greek tragedies, Euripides, considered one of the greatest poets of the world, says: "The woman is the worst of evils." For Plato, one of the greatest Greek philosophers, there is no place for women in good social organization. Aristotle, another of the greatest philosophers said that it is "by nature flawed and incomplete." The great mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras asserted that the woman was created "by the evil principle which created such chaos and darkness." (Emilie, ...
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