Work Addiction In Japan

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Work addiction in Japan

Work Addiction in Japan

Almost every working person is dependent on the work in North America and Western Europe. Hard work is valued, rewarded and supported by the society. The work of drug or workaholism, have not been recognized as a pathological condition. However, this type of compulsive disorder is a silent killer, having more dangerous effects systems than any other junkie. More people die from cardiovascular diseases and other overwork known related diseases than all drug and alcohol addiction in combination. (Robinson 2001)

The work of drug addiction syndrome, syndrome determined by focusing on productivity, making things out of a sense of enthusiasm, to work as the only and most important goal in life. People who suffer from this kind of obsessive compulsive disorder cannot control the amount of work to establish healthy control and manage their schedule. Effects of workaholism does not depend on gender, age, or industry. Countries, which is an example of addiction syndrome is Japan, where more than 10 000 people experience the effects of this syndrome. At least two people die from it annually in obsessive compulsive disorder. The work of drug called Karoshi, meaning death from overwork.

James w. Leth describes a dilemma of work and life in his article on "technology and work ethics. He said: "to enjoy the good life, you will need to earn a good salary. To earn a good salary, you can't have a life. "people who typically have addiction syndrome, but notice that they have a problem. They know that their life is no fun anymore, meaning they subconsciously have chosen work and money instead of attractions in life. In addition, a person who is a workaholic, usually arranges everything in life around their work. He has difficulty in forming or finding hobbies outside of work. The addict can relax and enjoy life, which affects the social relations. Some say that art has a distorted picture of perfectionism--he can never reach a State in which such a person will be completely satisfied with the results.

Work addiction symptoms, the main symptoms include workaholism, spend more time at work than a man does with your family or friends, feeling week to say "no" to the work and challenges, thinking that you're the only one who can do all the work yourself. Other features of this type of drug addiction are refusing to issues of social ...
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