Working Effectively With Aboriginal And / Or Torres Strait Islander People

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Working effectively with Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander People

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Historical Issues1

Two important issues having a negative impact on health delivery in indigenous communities4

Strategies to address these issues5

Appropriate communication methods so as to maintain effective relationships7



Work effectively with Aboriginal and / or Torres Strait Islander People


The indigenous people of the Torres Strait Islands are referred to as the Torres Strait Islander. They have a cultural and genetic links to the Melanesian people. The characteristics of these people make them different from the rest of the Aboriginal people or indigenous classes living in Australia. Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders living in and across Australia faced very similar health issues. Like the indigenous people living in other parts of the countries, the Torres Strait Islanders and the indigenous class faced the challenge of illness and other social disadvantages as compared to the general population. However, the Australia situation when compared with the rest of the world in this specific context demonstrates a very worst position. The birth and the life expectancy shows that these people live 20 years les as compared to the non-indigenous Australians, and the gap is increasing with the passage of time.

This paper will be comprised of two parts: First it takes into consideration the historical issues that showed an influence on the cultural and health safety of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People. Second part will relate to two important issues that provide a negative impact on the health delivery in indigenous communities. The strategies and the communication methods are also suggested. (Australian Medical Association, 2005)

Historical Issues

The understanding of the health condition of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders requires that proper knowledge must be possess by an analyser related to the historical ground of the health issues. Aboriginal health policy development has been documented for a number of times (Murray and Couzos, 2003). The research data from Australia provides evidence regarding the Social and health determinants if health that have a considerable impact on the indigenous people of Australia. (Acheson, 1998)

The present situation of the health of the aboriginals is very much worst as compared to the statistics shown in the past. The ten significant historical issues which have impacted on the health and cultural safety of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People are mentioned below

The surrounding environment and the complex nature of the social support network helped in the determination of the Pre contract aboriginal health. They failed to have knowledge of the high proteins that could help them in dealing with the need for high carbohydrate and low fats.

They possess the element of active and well developed system of kinship because of being semi nomadic people. This leads to the assurance of the psychological integrity and family support. The similar Palaeolithic cultures show that the children of less than 5 years were the major ones that account for 40 to 60 % of the death occurrence. This relates to the low adult illness rates as compared to ...
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