Workings Of A Firm

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Workings of a Firm

Workings of a Firm

Overview of the Organization

Nature Of Pacific Optics Ltd.

Based on the service industry, Pacific Optics has been operating for 9 years. It is a combination of design, manufacturing, presenting, and distributing its own products on the basis of the brand "Aerial". Regardless in Australia, New Zealand and China, Pacific Optics, through consistent supply of high quality, value for money products, and outstanding professional service, has become the preferred supplier to the local retailers. Nowadays, it has entered into a new era of growth and opportunity. On the basis of the original 11 categories of products, the entity is making contribution to expend the extent of the deal. The company de antenna has stretched out of the areas of car sticker, magazine, lighter and so on. It is predicted that these new products will be shown at the end of next year.

History of Pacific Optics Ltd. (NZ)

The former of Pacific Optics Ltd. (NZ) is called Hopebrothers Ltd that is a local, small-sized and 15-year historical trade company, mainly dealing with the agency of leisure products such as sunglasses, caps and clothes. Since 1997, Hopebrothers Ltd have had deals with Pacific Optics Ltd of Australia found in 1994. The latter allowed Hopebrother Ltd to sell their "Aerial" products, but the condition is the Hopebrothers must be renamed as Pacific Optics, and the "Aerial" products must be the only ones sold by the company. Furthermore, Pacific Optics of NZ should pay certain amount management fees to the Australia Pacific Optics. In year 2000, the NZ company allowed the Australia company to be one of the shareholders. In the same year, Pacific Optics of China that owns the manufactory factory of the "Aerial" products became another shareholder partly of the NZ Pacific Optics. Consequently, Pacific ...
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