Workplace Safety

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Workplace Safety


Safety against physical hazards in the workplace has become a major object of concern in the present circumstances. Researchers are making efforts to address this issue on a larger scale.

In this research paper, I'll first review the literature that will define safety. I will then discuss the physical hazards that employees have to face while being at their workplaces, the results of the dangers they have to face, and the effects perils on themselves and their employers. Furthermore,

In the end, I will also try to sort out some solutions to the problem.

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Workplace safety1


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Workplace Safety


Thesis statement

To find out the cause of physical hazards that employees have to face and the effect it has on them and their owners.


Safety means "the state of being safe; freedom from the occurrence or risk of injury, danger, or loss."( It is a wide term which includes security from physical hazards, protection against mental stress and wellbeing refers to the defense against diseases.

Workplace safety

Workplace safety is defined as the steps taken by the employers to ensure prevention of hazards likely to be faced by their employees. This term includes all features of maintaining a safe place of work, including violence, drug or alcohol abuse, environmental health risks and insecure work practices and environments.According to OSHA, employers are responsible for providing a safe and healthful workplace. (

This research paper will mainly deal with the physical health (Cooper, Kirkaldy, & Brown, 1994) and physical hazards that employees have to face while being at their workplaces.

This research paper will mainly deal with the physical hazards that employees have to face while being at their workplaces. The health and aspirations of an employee go hand in hand when we talk about efficiency at place of work. To have a safe environment, everyone must take action to prevent an injury by taking time to security in the office environment. The companies should realize the fact that if an employee suffers some injury especially at workplace it will make him unfit and hence restrain him from producing both qualitatively as well as quantitatively.

The number of working days will be significantly decrease if a labor is ill because, accident or workplace hazard. Even if he manages to come to the office, due to his poor health he will take long time to complete the assigned work as compared to his healthy colleagues. This will affect his performance negatively and will influence his morale adversely. Among other factors, physical illness is the major reason of employee's bad performance.

Business owners and managers in the recent past have tried to discover and implement some ways to decrease the accidents at workplaces. The office atmosphere directly affects the rate and dedication of employees' work. As working environment can maximize or minimize the workers' performance so it is the duty of the employer to provide workers with the appropriate working atmosphere. By giving a healthy work environment and reducing the rate of injuries encountered by ...
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