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Workshop Report

Workshop Report

Socio-economic choropleth maps of Sydney

The three maps that have been selected for this paper represent the High Income Households and Unemployed people and are given hereunder.

Figure 1) High Income Households

Figure 2) Unemployed People

Figure 3) Labourers

Unemployment in Sydney

As shown in figure 2, the unemployment rate in Sydney is highly uneven. The highest unemployment is in Fairfield followed closely by Blacktown, Cabramatta-Fairfield and Auburn. The lowest unemployment is in Baulkham Hills and Blue Mountains. As concerns the special patterns, the high rate of unemployment is more in the suburb areas.

There is low unemployment rates in the city areas such as Manly in contrast to the higher rates in the western suburbs because the residents of the urban areas have benefitted from the employments created in the informational and financial sector. The sectors in the western suburbs, on the other hand, are ones of the old economy.

High Income Households

Figure 1 illustrates the households that have gross weekly income amounting to 2500 dollars or more. The wealthiest is Edgecliff while the poorest is Callaghan. Comparing figures 1 and 3, there is a higher rate of labors in the western suburbs and lower in the city. City suburbs earn more because of their participation in new economy when compared with western suburbs.

Figure 1 and 3 share special patterns with Figure 2. This makes logical sense in that areas that have a low rate of unemployment will also have more number of households that have a higher income.

Unevenness in socio-economic opportunities

The maps of Sydney on unemployment rate and High income Households show that there is unevenness in socio economic opportunities. The major employment creation has taken place in North West and West Central regions. A major reason for this is that the highest growth in jobs has ...
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