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Thesis Statement

Specific works of literature have impacted the way in which in view reality.


The historical perspectives and timelines are the best part; really helps you understand the progression of literature as we know it. These particular work of literature has caused a certain change in how life's meaning has presented itself to you, then the thesis statement could be that a work of literature has literally caused you to reexamine and reevaluate your belief on existence(Saavedra 1527-1572).


In Dante's Inferno, Hell is recounted in vivid minutia in the eyes of Dante, the major feature and author. Sinners are eternally penalized with tortures that fit their sins. This concept of retributive fairness and the function of human cause in the pattern of Virgil are the two major topics in the poem. Canto VIII comprises Dis, the capital of Hell and is most agent of these themes. (Mack 1-323)

The sinners apprehended in the 5th around, Styx, are the Wrathful, ones that purposely damage other ones bodily or emotionally. There are tortured by striking each other with stinking slime and tearing at each other's flesh. Just as they had assaulted other ones in life, they are eternally being assaulted in Hell. In nearly every Canto, a new class of sinners and their penalties are introduced. This retributive fairness is the most conspicuous topic of the poem. (Dostoyevsky 2369- 2420)

During his excursion, Dante is directed by Virgil, the emblem of human reason. When they approach the boatman Phlegyas, he becomes enraged that they are not sinners, but Virgil's phrase convinces Phlegyas to take them over, symbolic that human cause can glow through obstacles. However, Dante address the concept of Hell to be too much for the easy human brain to realise, so an angel should open the doorways of Dis for them ...
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