World Of Warcraft: The Nemesis To Social Norms

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World of Warcraft: The Nemesis to Social Norms

World of Warcraft: The Nemesis to Social Norms


We all are aware of the fantasy world of games, and their madness within the kids and juveniles as well as elders. Some people like to play solitaire, some like sport games like Fifa or Pro Evolution soccer. Some love strategic games like Commandos, Age of Empires and some og for mission games like IGI,Call of duty & Hitman. The little kids used to play Sega games and some were fascinated with board games like Hoyle games. But when the 21st century came, it brought with itself the craze of online gaming and many of the games enabled the option of online gameplay. Now, from your home you are able to play many sorts of games with your friends online on internet. Then come the era of the “Massive Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games” or (MMORPG). These games are very similar yet much different from other games as some of its brand names are Counter Strike and World ofWarcraft.

These games induced the concept of online role play, where every person plays as an individual in the team to fight against the opponent of other teams. These games soon became to top the lists of gamers. Every person from 10 to 30, who has fine gamming instincts is now addicted to it. Video game overuse is a modern phenomenon of today's information society and media. Far reaching negative effects and serious impairments of adolescent persons can be associated with the development of this form of addiction. Initially, we will discuss the symptoms and analyzes the fascination of virtual worlds, by reference to the popular online role-playing game World of Warcraft. Then we will deal with different ways on how social work can address and react to this kind of danger of child development, focusing on Preventive approaches like addiction counseling.


They have become a mass media and cultural phenomenon, an Anomaly in the field of recreation of the 21 Century. Million by people of all ages around the world spend countless hours some even years in them, and others might not get rid of it: The online RPGs. Today the players are not sitting more with paper and pencil in a small group at a table, but "go online" and a huge virtual world viewed through a computer monitor with mouse. Keyboard and headset fitted and interact with thousands of other players at the same time constantly in this environment. The correct name this genre is so justly massively multiplayer online role-playing or English massively multiplayer online role-playing game, MMORPG short form. The current popularity of this game genre is mainly due to a game: World of Warcraft Published in 2004, 2007 and 2008 with two game expansions supplemented (the third has already been announced).

There are more than 11 million users played worldwide, and thus is the far most successful among the Mass online role-playing is (Rehbein/Kleimann, 2009). TheBlizzard Entertainment developer company does this success project with ...