World Religion: Christianity

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World Religion: Christianity


History is an extensive term which includes in itself the impact of all the dimensions of politics, religions and social activities. It is based on the fundamental and philosophical thoughts of learning, literature, culture and other elements. One such essential basis of the compilation of history includes Religion (Edwards 45).

Every religion has a vital impact on the history of the countries. Similarly, Christianity, the most prevalent religion, has put broad impacts on the significance of the world history (MacCulloch 565).


The term 'History' refers to any knowledge and wisdom about human study, which is acquired and obtained by investigating the past. It is very important to understand that every nation has a history which is vital to its further progress and prosperity.

Christianity has obtained an important position in laying the foundations of the history of the world (Harries & Harting 45). It has included many priests and other Christian scholars who have worked on giving one or the other thoughts in historical times. For example, Johan Adams believed that the principles of Christianity were the basis of independence for America. George Mason stated religion to be keeping the proper balances of a country.

Jesus is arguably the most influential person who ever lived. Christianity is created by him, the largest religion of today. Christianity has changed the world, and evolve how people live, and think. If Jesus was never born, ancient times would have been significantly different. The world would be a different place and its laws and constitutions would be different. For a short amount of time on Earth, Jesus left behind a giant impression (Bainton 23).

Christianity started, as part of a Jewish reform movement. Before the birth of Christ many insurgent Jews had preached the arrival of Christ who would be the savior and bring ...
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