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There is no simple definition that can describe all the different religions in the world. For many people, religion is an organized system of beliefs, ceremonies, prayer and worship, all dedicated to the highest, God, whatever idol or god (if only one or more of them.) The people who practice religion for several reasons, which gives them a sense of security because of the belief in the divine power to keep them. We study different religions to understand other people. Many people have strong religious convictions and not be understood without an understanding of their faith. (Hopf 2001)

Discussion and AnalysisHow the Protestant religion start?

Protestant churches, including about 370 million believers, it is common to use the name "Protestant churches" in connection with the churches, either directly or indirectly from the Reformation movement that emerged in Europe in the sixteenth century - the century . But the name is incorrect and created by accident, for historical reasons, they establish.

The United Methodist Church shares a common history and heritage with other Methodist and Wesleyan. The life and ministry of John Wesley (1703-1791) and his brother, Charles (1707-1788), marks the origin of their common roots. Both John and Charles were Church of England missionaries in the colony of Georgia, arriving in March 1736. It is the only opportunity to visit the United States. Its mission is far from being a resounding success, and both returned to England disappointedand discouraged, Charles in December 1736 and John in February 1738. Organized Methodism in America began to give a movement.

Among its earliest leaders were Robert Strauss, an immigrant farmer who organized work about 1760 in Maryland and Virginia, Philip Embury and his cousin, Barbara Heck, who began working in New York in 1766, and Captain Thomas Webb, whose work was instrumental in Methodist beginnings in Philadelphia in 1767.

In 1529 he joined the series of German princes and free cities and the heads of the supporters of the Reformation in Germany conference in the city of Speyer, in the presence of Emperor Charles V. Achsahakisar not want to accept the religious equality between Catholics and Reform, this latest strike, "protests" have come to the nickname of the Protestant (protest to the foreign language through the resistance.)

Joint meeting this principle - "the region from the prying eyes of religion," which is the dominant religion in religious issues. Since there are two recognized religions Lutheran Catholic religion in Germany. Lutheran religion spread rapidly in Central America and North America. 70000000 Today the Lutheran Church believers, and especially frequent in Germany and Scandinavia. There are also many Lutherans to residents of Spain - The United States believes that the country of their ancestors.

There are several Lutheran churches are independent and each unit within the national or regional (the Lutheran Church of Finland, Sweden, etc.). Despite this independence, there is cooperation between them and unite with the Lutheran World Federation (LWF), headquartered in Geneva, Switzerland.

The Methodist Church

Comes from the teachings of John Beasley (John Wesley, from 1788 to ...
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