World War II Good Or Bad

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World War II Good or Bad


For the people of America World War II was the most important war of the twentieth century. It was the greatest military conflict in the history of the world. World War II was followed by some profound changes in United States of America. After the war, permanent changes were observed in the social, cultural and governmental setups. These changes had significant impacts upon the American image in front of the world. This war was due to the moral differences between good and evil. This global clash was among people living with extremist background. World War II is considered to be as a good war with United States and other Allies on one end and imperialist Japan and Germans on the other.


In view of Dwight Eisenhower, World War II was the fight against Nazi Germany “the Great Crusade”. Bill Clinton the former President of the United States of America, also commented upon the status of World War II considering it as a defensive act from tyranny. Americans believes that execution of the World War II was unavoidable to secure the American citizens from dictators. This war was necessary to wage away from slavery. Sacrifices made by the US Army during the course of World War II is commendable since, they managed to defeat Hitler's Army of Germany and win a new liberalized state for themselves (Weber, 1997, pp.1).

Unification of the Western Allies against Germany was due to two major reasons. The prime purpose was to preserve independence of Poland who did a horrified struggle against brutal rule of Soviet Union. Second and the ultimate purpose to propose World War II was the removal of potential nuisance and menace heading towards the people of United States. Although they failed in attaining both purposes but after the struggle of six years the war ended with apparent victory and Russia domination of Poland. This abandoned the pledges on their poles that fought on their side. Even Britain's was on the winning side in the warfare, the mighty British Empire is vanished into the history today. British leaders would not defend the brutal imperialism that includes killing ad bombing for the protection of the colonial rule over millions of Africans and Asians. In American's view, good guys always win while bad guys face defeats. In international affairs they believe that good countries are entitled to win wars and thus, according to them, role of United States in defeating Japanese and German imperialism is the righteous act of the American Way. This has demonstrated the superiority of the government and society.

Ruling classes only aimed for empire; therefore, they had to tackle this matter with great intelligence. The ruling class cannot directly order their working classes to go off and die for the sake of profit. They were aware of the fact that workers bitterly remembered "the war profiteers" and "merchants of death" that had sent them to die in the trenches of the First World War. So, the U.S. and its allies ...
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