Worship In The Early Church

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Worship in the Early Church

Worship in the Early Church


Very activity of God's blessing to happen in God's relationship with the world in Jesus Christ, through whom God chose a people before the creation - are intended to be holy and without blemish, and his children in Christ, redeemed by his own blood of men their sins, live His grace and praise. In essence, therefore, worship is the fullness of Christ, and be included in Christ.

It is said that believers in Jesus Christ were called Christians first in Antioch (Acts 11.26). These early "Christians" considered themselves followers of the man Jesus Christ. The ministry of Jesus was in the company of disciples who followed him, but was simply the group of "represent" himself after his death. The transition of thought, which taught them to treat themselves as a community and begin to define the nature and purpose of this community and to determine how they should conduct their affairs are not shown fully in the New Testament.

Thesis Statement

Worship is the early church is a part of a wider cultural world which was influenced by several cultures.


Church experienced its first centuries, in chronological order, of course, but does not crystallize his thinking from generation to generation in order. Those introduced from time to time because someone made an uncomfortable question political situation at the end of the Roman world is changing, so it would probably be easier to understand the appearance of the key ideas, taking the issues.

Subsequently, the first group of issues considered is those that have to do with the decision that constitutes the church, which is a member and if I could ever be possible to know with certainty who is God himself is believed to belong. The following sections consider the meaning of baptism as ...
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