Wto Doha Round

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WTO Doha Round

World Trade Organization

The WTO called by its acronym in English, WTO was established in 1995. The WTO administers trade agreements negotiated by its members (referred to as covered agreements). In addition to this primary function, the WTO is a forum for multilateral trade negotiations, given the procedures for settling trade disputes (disputes between countries); oversees trade policy and cooperates with the World Bank and International Monetary Fund in order to achieve greater coherence between trade and economic policy worldwide.

World Trade Organization (WTO) is the only international body dealing with the rules governing trade between countries. Its main purpose is to ensure that trade flows as smoothly, predictably and freedom possible. Consumers and producers know they can be supplied with safer and more variety in regard to the products finishes, components, raw materials and services used while the producers and exporters have assured that foreign markets remain open to their activities. Another consequence is that the global economic environment becomes more prosperous, peaceful and reliable.

Review of WTO Doha Round

Members of the World Trade Organization met in the capital of the Emirate of Qatar, Doha, in November 2001 to resolve differences that had caused the failure of the previous ministerial meeting in Seattle (1999). Thus began a new round of negotiations called the "Doha Development Agenda." In Doha also began to set up a bloc of nations of the south, and during the Cancun conference, which this block is consolidated by the Group of 20 (G-20), led by Brazil, China and India.

This round of negotiations takes place in the midst of certain adverse conditions such as the small increase in trade flows and stagnation in developed economies (the traits of a slowdown in U.S. economy and its trade deficit, the EU trade impasse Europe ...
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