Xiao Ke (Diabetes Mellitus) And Acupuncture

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Xiao Ke (Diabetes Mellitus) and Acupuncture

Xiao Ke (Diabetes Mellitus) and Acupuncture

The historical development of this category of illness

In Chinese language diabetes is known as tang-niao-bing and xio-ke. The first word i.e. tang-niao-bing is termed as sugar urine based illness whereas the other word i.e. xio-ke is termed as wasting as well as thirsting. Diabetes is a well known disease and text along with numerous examples is easily found in many different books. If we discuss this issue in detail we will come to know how it evolves and how it generates more and more issues for a human being. This kind of illness is categorized in three different types which are: (Pan, 2000,, 1).

Upper type

Middle type

Lower type

Every type is interrelated with each other and depicts the importance elements which are: (Pan, 2000, 1).

Increased amount of urinary problem

These three above mentioned problems are directly related to the issues of lungs, spleen and kidney respectively. The definition along with proper understandings of Yin based deficiency is directly interrelated with all the three above mentioned kinds. If a person is found with such type of problem that is related with thirst and wasting, chances of these diseases increase. As a matter of fact a person having an issue of tang-niao-bing not necessarily connected with the issue of xiao-ke as well. Both the issues are a bit different and have different symptoms as well. In order to analyse as well as rectify the issues related to the issue of xiao-ke, detailed and thorough analysis is required so that proper medication can be given in order to control the issue accordingly. According to a research eating fatty and sweet foods do result in xiao-ke issue and this is the main reason why it is normally found in Chinese people because they prefer fatty as well as cheesy food to a great extent (Pan, 2000,, 1).

According to another research, eating an excessive amount of food along with excessive intake of fatty as well as sweet foods do result in xiao-ke problem and people related to this issue thus faced many different issues as well. Along with this, hot drinks are one of an alarming element that results in xiao-ke problem as well. For Chinese people, regularly intake of hot drinks is a normal and day to day habit and this is one of an alarming issue as well. Intake of hot drinks along with fatty and sweet foods does result in xiao-ke issue and in future people having this disease do face numerous other problems as well. Hot as well as alcoholic drinks when combines together result in numerous alarming issues that one can not even imagine about. As a matter of fact people should avoid taking fatty and sweet foods along with the intake of hot drinks along with the meal and alcohols as well. If the excessive intake of such items is decreased, rate of xiao-ke disease will eventually decline and people will not further face any kind of problems related to ...