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Question 1

Luke in the New Testaments wrote Gospel of Luke and The Acts of Apostles.

Question 2

Luke was a Gentile is based on some ideas in the history along with some biblical evidences. Different commentator of bible suggested that Luke was Gentile without any reluctance or hesitation but some argues regarding the authenticity of Gentility because of the list of Colossians. Moreover, there are proponents who believed the name itself is not going along with originality of being gentile in case of Luke.

Question 3

The gospel accounts were not biographies in the normal sense of the word because the writer wanted to describe and elloborate the life incidents of Jesus in the new mordernzed sense of words rather than just conventional structure. Also, gospel writers had a stong mission and vision in their mind which is to explain the passion of jesus, death and resurrection.

Question 4

The theology of Henry may be discovered by following several converging collections of proof. Since a Gospel does not have the sensible series of propositional claims typical of the epistles, excellent treatment is required to determine this proof accurately

Question 5

According to Luke 1:2 the subject of the book is Theophilus.

Question 6

Many believe that both books were published by Luke and for this very purpose. "Theophilus", many believe is just all Gentile followers. Luke declares that he was an eyewitness of the activities of God. He is not composing from rumour. He also calling himself a reverend of the Concept. Perhaps he was there when God described the parables, because it says he had "perfect understanding".

Question 7

Luke is the only one of the four gospels that informs of the occurrence of birth of John with Elisabeth and Zacharias. Perhaps he realized them. Bible is not certain how he realized this but God remembers this.

Question 8

Luke identified Marry as the savior God's son and not a sinner.

Question 9

Bethlehem means the Bread of Life. Everyone know that the purpose they had to go to Bethlehem was to meet up with prediction. It had been prophesied that God would be blessed in Bethlehem yet out of thee shall he come forth unto me [that is] to be leader in Israel; whose goings forth [have been] from of old, from long term." The lord's prediction has to be satisfied in every details.

Question 10

Jesus Christ is an extension of God and God, in many circumstances, is verbal of as the Right Hand of God. This is a type of prediction of Marry here, discussing of what God will do. This is very just like the Sermon on the Install. God comes tohelp those who cannot help themselves. He would say He came for the ones who needed a doctor. Those who believe in in not sure money of this community will be converted away by God. The key concept is believe in.

Question 11

The comfort of Israel was Deliverer. This man considered that during his lifetime Deliverer would come. These days in Israel the serious Jews are again expecting ...
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