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Zombie is an invigorated corpse sent back to earth through witchery means. This is a term, which describes a person who is mesmerized and is yet to respond to his surrounding stimulants. It has been seen that the zombie culture has popularized in the 19th century (Dawkins, 1989). This was more specific in the areas of North American and European Folklore. At present, they are used to describe animated and un-dead being mostly in the horror films. Many a great people together with people from African culture believe that they are not fictional character but real being. This culture also believe that Zombies live in the present world intermingled between us. Thus through the past myth and stories told by the ancestors of different culture, these Zombies have gathered great importance in the present world. More and more people are ready to believe that this creature exists in the world. This belief is further strengthened by watching movies and dramas related to these zombies.


As according to a famous writer Jack, he believes that there are basic beliefs related to zombies, which are not justified by their association with other beliefs. Therefore, it provides a justified base for other beliefs. As according to Dawkin there are various perception of the world we live in, thus Zombie and meme are the part of that perception (Dawkins, 1989). Researcher to this belief argued for the non-basic inferential beliefs that are concerned. The perceptual belief to it counts to those notions that have an output appropriate cognitive module. Zombie is a cognitive science that is put for the solving of our epistemological troubles.

Since the last decade, there is an increased and prominence of zombies in the horror comedy. There are hundreds of movies, which are related to the zombie production like Breetle juice. In these movies, we are made to laugh or there is an ordinary scream during the film (Kyle, 2009). The basic purpose of the genre is to make the mood shift from horror to humor and than vice versa. There is another aspect of Zombie in which they make a man half-human and half beast. This is also one form of zombie prevalent in the movies. Several myths are there which talks of this creature living in deep forest, which are seen during the full moon (McAlistere and Elizabeth, 2012). These wolves spread themselves and transform the other human being by biting him. Therefore, a transfer of germs from one body to other body takes place, these results in the creation of infection. Ultimately this person transform into a werewolf.

These zombies are also seen in the form of Dracula and Mummies. There is a slight difference between them as they are both living and dead. There is another being in this category. These are seen in the movies like The Night of the Living Dead' and the monster of 'Frankenstein'. The monster of Frankenstein was demanding and Wise as he asked other woman monster to help in accompanying ...
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