Zulu Culture

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Zulu Culture

Zulu Culture


It all began with a guy named Zulu, who was a determined and spirited young man; the meaning of Zulu is “Sky”. It was he who established after long walks along the river basin Mkhumbane a new strain. In this place under the high trees Euphorbia originated KwaZulu or the place of heaven. The first KwaZulu Zulu shaped his new family home true to the traditional guidelines. This is written before a central, circular narrowing of the cattle. The built of thatch and poles "beehive huts" of the tribesmen should be driving it on a sloping piece of land. The floors of the huts were made of a compact mixture of sand and cow dung anthill that has been polished until it looked like a dark green marble. Small fields of grain and vegetable planting were created in the near-bound together and protected with thorn branches of animals. Prosperity at the place of heaven. The central location of cattle within the property shows the important role of animals in society. Cows had ritual significance even then, it is only through their sacrifices were the spirits of the ancestors are appeased (Coetzee, 1995)

Thesis Statement

This research paper emphasize on the Zulu culture of Africa, it will analyze different aspects of Zulu cultural traditions and their beliefs and values.


Sickness and Healing in Zulu Culture

Nevertheless, even in the Kingdom of the Zulu - KwaZulu Natal, the urge prevails in the cities, is the "people of heaven" (Zulu = heaven) deeply rooted in its tradition. Sun at least about 80% call this "city dwellers" a sangoma (now also be reached via cell phone). This or these in turn have their hands full, to meet the need for "Muthi" (medicine). For and against all Muthi is needed, whether for health, luck in the lottery, ...
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