A Concept Of Pain

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A Concept of Pain

A Concept of Pain


Pain is widely discussed in various medical books and contemporary nursing literature that try to understand and uncover this very feeling in patients which creates unpleasant, uncomfortable, unrest and distressful conditions. Researchers state that pain is the critical problem in individual life which affects his/her family and social life and also causes to increase in the costs of healthcare for individuals and for the overall society. The critical dimension of this problem has let us to further research and comprehend a concept of Pain in the healthcare system. This would be discussed by emphasizing the role of nurse in relieving the pain of patients, identify the concepts of the pain through different perspectives, how different cultures approach differently to the pain and importance of evaluating and assessing the pain.


Nurse Practitioner Role

A nurse practitioner is responsible and committed to ensure that his patient is receiving the appropriate assessment and management which effectively help patient to relieve from his/her pain and also to ensure the long-term for patients in dealing with a pain (Parris, 2000). Further, nurse practitioners collaborates and consults with other trained healthcare professionals such as doctors, physicians, other registered nurses, massage therapists, pharmacists and the like in order to effectively deliver the quality treatment plan which helps to reduce the pain of patient completely. This interdisciplinary role of nurse practitioner is highly significant when patients have diversified needs in different parts of the world (Bonica & Loeser, 1990).

Apart from collaborating with these professionals, the role of practitioner nurses expands to search for other means to advocate for the patient when patients' needs are not met with those healthcare settings. A nurse practitioner can either advocate for individual patients or for all the patients in healthcare settings in the total. Researchers state that both advocacy and interdisciplinary role are critical for nurse practitioner in areas where pain management facilities are not so effective in addressing the pain problems of patients (Hadjistavropoulos, & Craig, 2002).

A Concept of Pain

A concept of pain varies in definition given different perspectives or usages of general, philosophical, and professional fields. In general context, a pain is defined as a feeling (real or imaginary) which hurt someone which creates distress, uncomforted, unrest, and suffering or any such thing which leads to opposite of pleasure in human body or mind. The definition is used in general context which is used in many books and dictionaries somehow in trouble and sorrow sense. This holds that an individual can experience both real and psychological experiences of pain when seeking help of nursing diagnosis (Haines, Blair & Osborn, 1999).

In addition, many medical dictionaries used a concept of pain from somehow different perspective which states that pain act as signal for body and mind of tissues that need to be removed or withdrawn that are being damaged and suffered (Montes-Sandoval, 1999.

Moreover, pain is also discussed in philosophical perspectives such as Plato (427-347BC) proposed theories of pain which work as development of ...
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