A Kodak Moment

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A Kodak Moment

Underlying Kodak Moment

Kodak moment is rare, one-off for the moment, with a photo shoot, or should have a photo to be captured. This is moment that comes after long times in your camera.

Kodak memories, according to psychologists, have the vividness and detail of a Kodak photograph. They occur when the triggering event combines elements of surprise, emotional intensity, and consequentiality. We remember very vividly, if not exactly the passage of time is under what circumstances, our first lesson of the tragedy. We cherish has been a major historical event, a strong sense of the present.

How photos only capture a Kodak moment

With the digital camera "Kodak moment" has for no reason exist so simple, so delicate. This is because we have never been easy for digital camera; we can use the machine gun like madmen, unit-based saw there, then we have to grasp the moment. However, there has never been known as the annoying thing is so hard to "shutter lag."

The fact is that the experiment as much as possible, you want to do, as long as you spend as much as possible the equipment long, is all about photography capture the moment. Fail to spot the moment; it does not theme what kind of camera you possess.

Through this vast corpus of photographs, learn much about the anthropologists of the time that the ethnic groups concerned, but especially appreciate how a community of scientists and intellectuals will attempt to "tame" this new image type of photography. Therefore, through this exploration of the universe "peri-photographic" as the anthropologist-photographer not a photographer, it is the photograph itself that is addressed.

A growing number of researchers and social science students use the image as part of their investigations. It is clear from recent research, including a study; the film is not the only medium ...
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