Abortion (The Right To Abort)

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Abortion (the right to abort)


Abortion is a social phenomenon that sheds just chilling statistics with known statistics, if we entered this field over the numbers we would see that the harsh reality that society is undergoing today is vastly greater than the simple numbers that show simple and generalized approaches. Day by day they make abortions in the world even counting the millions, this has been eroding the public institutions and their official ideologies have been in favor of reversal of the abortion laws in many countries. No doubt you have to take drastic measures and not to solve a problem that has roots to spare, but to regulate it and make it more beneficial for women who risk their lives in doing so clandestinely.

Today, it is essential to protect human life first, which is already made, namely that of women, who give birth, but when the time and be prepared, for it never attempts to be sufficient made to achieve fairer laws for all and for women, for they are equal before the law having the same rights and obligations as men, as well as the abortion a crime, it is not, it needs to prevent and it not prevented by contraceptives or many others might have been the causes of pregnancy, but now we have to analyze and understand it, it is now a life is at stake, but after the whole nation will be hit with overpopulation and poverty, only to safeguard the interests of a few, and their ideas, not fair, not fair (Lind, 34).


My personal position is pro-abortion, many arguments have been edging me to think this, why bring children into the world only to suffer the consequences of a sick society has created social problems, poverty, ignorance, unemployment, inequality, injustice, violence are things that have invaded the urban environment, the lost cities, where there is misery everywhere, is a cry of pain that women and their allies hail, a pro-abortion legislation to enable women better quality of life in the short term future and health that do not alter your life, ensuring that they do not die from the conditions under which they were practiced abortion.

Unwanted children come into the world suffer the consequences of this society, it will create criminals, drug addicts, rapists, unnatural parents, more misery and inequality, if we avoid those things then we should legalize abortion for society not undermined over than it is. This painful reality, a basic right to abortion that every woman should have, it is a personal decision, yet is still considered a crime when the crime is precisely ordered, and therefore we are not applying the principle of equality of all before the law because the woman is who bears it, as the desentenderá father and the mother left alone, creating a series of subsequent problems, which involve many social and economic aspects in the history of each day that repeated in the poorest societies in the urban districts of the cities of underdeveloped ...
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