Academic Advising In Two Year Colleges

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Academic Advising in Two Year Colleges


The community colleges are dedicated largely to the growing ethnic population of United States, these schools prepare their students to live and work in a practical work environment. On the other hand, there are foreign students who want to find a place in higher education in America. As the educational institutions progressed, the need for effective academic advising increased. This paper focuses on the advisory program of Community College of Philadelphia, and analyzes the effectiveness and challenges of the program.

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Community College of Philadelphia: History3



General Education Requirements5

Academic Advisor's Responsibly5

Literature Review6

The Goal Of Academic Advising12


How useful is Advising?13

The Challenges13


The Research Supporting Hypothesis14

Program Selection17

Field Research18

Program Critique19


Academic Advising in Two Year Colleges


The American education has emerged as the main basic democratic ideal, because it is the learning, new experiences and Knowledge derived from this that the nation continues to evolve. In the field of higher education system, the community college with programs of two years becomes more important with the passage of time. A century after the start of the movement, in Joliet Junior College Illinois, these schools are axis of the training of the workforce, the lifelong learning and strengthening the Community civic responsibility at the local level. One of the key functions of the counselor is working with the people involved in the educational process in order to improve relations that exist between them and while improving the organization of work in the system. One can discuss the role of advisor as a duality, first speaking of the role as a series of behavioral expectations that are required by occupying a particular social position the advisors are associated with concepts such as fusion, negotiation, and perception.

Community College of Philadelphia: History

Community College of Philadelphia is a public institution in Pennsylvania. The College has been offering classes since 1965. The College offers associates degree in arts, science, and Applied Science degrees in business, humanities, allied health, science and technology, and social and Behavioral sciences. In 2007-08, the College HAD Approximately 34.800 student's credit and noncredit courses taking ( The College has its main campus in Philadelphia with three regional centers and more than 20 Neighborhood and corporate locations. Community College of Philadelphia is the largest public institution of Higher Education in the City. Since 1965, over 500,000 Students pass through the college doors to seek an associate's degrees, certificates, improved workplace skills and lifelong learning. Many of the degree students transfer to four-year College while others seek institutions employment in the region of Philadelphia. Over 90 Percent of the graduates in the area and seek employment screening, Strengthening the economy and local workforce. Local Businesses look to the campus to provide workplace training to keep their workers skilled and their companies competitive (

Student life is one of the significant aspects at the college. About 40 clubs and associations provide the opportunity to learn something new and have fun. Many co-curricular programs provide a competitive ...
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