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Importance and usefulness of studying accounting

This course would help me achieve accounting skills. This study would help me develop my skills and, I would be able to analyze the financial information. Study of accounting would be useful for, me learn basics of accounting. This study can be applied in all job specialties. Study of accounting is useful in managing the company. Recently the trend of accounting practices has been increased. This study would be useful to form a strong base of my long growing career. Accounting studies provides flexibility in careers. Studying accounting helps to grow in the field of finance, auditing and taxation in the future.

Importance of studying Accounting

Accounting as a tool today that provides information to various companies and business entities is especially important because it is necessary for decision-making within the economic aspect, many of these decisions may influence the expansion of a company, creating new jobs, others may give rise to new lending to banks, strengthening and expanding in this way the economic system of a state or region. It is possible to Accounting from a small business, to managing an entire state, i.e. it is applicable to all economic agents, in fact, many professionals now see the need to know more about this science to be current in their tax calculations for example, know precisely the evolution of their heritage and know when they are managed are yielding actual results.

The principle of double

"There is no debtor creditor, debtor or creditor without" This accounting principle is fundamental for a correct interpretation of the transactions taking place in companies, or between individuals and means that you get something at a certain economic value equal to a value it delivers, for example a company buys a vehicle and that it must pay a fair price that is entering the vehicle becomes the property of the company and, pay an agreed price change, which can be cash or credit, must be identified in this transaction both parties: the debtor and the creditor, the debtor is a company that acquires the vehicle, it acquires the asset and is now a debt, the creditor is the company that sold the vehicle and therefore is eligible for payment must meet the company that bought on this good, to perfect the transaction involved various documents that are referred to as source documents.

To illustrate this principle in a more simple, we can cite some cases that as individuals we also need to perform daily, such as when we left home and need to take a conveyance to move to another place, we need to pay for that service, then here we must also identify the double meaning of the transaction:

That we receive, we receive the service transport and

That we deliver; we deliver a value that compensates for this service and is regulated by the authorities or the custom of each region.

If we can analyze in detail, we are always making transactions every day, when we need to feed ...
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