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Internship Experience as Accountant

The accounting profession like other professions such as medicine and engineering has a role and status and importance of advanced societies, have devoted their specialized studies in the universities for the teaching of their assets and their bases and have established their professional associations, local and international complexity of examinations qualifying for membership, and is keen to develop the level of competence, practice and professional conduct among its members and works to protect the land preservation of their independence and the exercise of professional control them and do everything possible to provide and protect the reputation of the profession both in terms of professional practice or service in the field of industry, commerce or public service.

My experience of this internship is linked to accountant, where I have worked for this semester. There were experiences, along with new information along with a chance to work at a place which was completely new to me. I encountered many things for the very first time, and some were surprising and ironic as I had a completely different image of them. However, working with an accountant has given me a very refreshing experiences, it has been an internship which I enjoyed thoroughly.

Accounting is the collection of financial information for use in making monetary decisions. Bookkeeping provides the necessary accounting information, by analytically recording such day-to-day monetary information as profits from the sale of products or services; expenses of business operations such as the rate of goods sold; and overhead fixed cost such as rent, wages, and so forth. Working as an accountant is a very hard and challenging job when it comes to analyzing and forecasting the company overall financial stability. I am working as an accountant in an FMCG firm for about 2 years till date where I am being given responsibilities of managing company's. My boss was among those who were included in my enemies list, as he was a very rude and ego type of a person when it comes to talking about the business and the change required within the departments overall working pattern.

The long and a very tough day at work reminds me of a place where I get to learn new things and experiences from my colleagues. Now the amazing thing about it was my interaction with senior's for whom I was responsible to report my work, as it involved sharing of my knowledge and learning's along with suggestions related to improvement in our accounting software. The overall working pattern of the company accounts is being managed by five staff members of my department including me. I was a very fast learner when it came to grasping new techniques in the usage of the accounting tool (software). I was also being awarded best employee of the year because of my dedication, devotion, commitment and sincerity towards my responsibilities. My team members also did appreciated me as I was not among those who were not to share their learning's with ...
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