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Research Papers on Theory

Accounting theory research papers focus on management of assets and liabilities. The subject involves further economics concepts for business students and professionals. This section of Researchomatic provides some of the best research papers on accounting theories in order to help students to better understand different concepts involved in this study.

Accounting Fraud In Bank Of America
Accounting Fraud in Bank of America Accounting Fraud in Bank of America Introduction The loss of public confidence, generated by the fraudulent dealings of managers and administrators located at the top of the world-class organizations and thus lays the importance of the issue of good corporate governance, traditionally defined codes of conduct, ...
International Fraud
INTERNATIONAL FRAUD International Fraud International Fraud The term accounting and international fraud, indicate the compilation of false corporate reporting no or a true and fair view of the events and indicators of importance that should be expressed in the financial statements of a company. Since the company's balance sheet is a document ...
Revenue Recognition
Revenue Recognition Introduction Income as well as the utility, are a concept fluid, and base money as the realization could be a productive product net of an entity, income is defined as the monetary expression of the goods of an entity, the income should be defined as the monetary expression of created ...
Memo: Implementation Benefits Of Activity Based Costing
Memo: Implementation Benefits of Activity Based Costing Memo To:Ms. Karen Jones From:James Lee (Assistant Procurement Manager) Date:September, 20th 2011 Subject:Implementation Benefits of Activity Based Costing Summary Considering the requirement and importance of activity based costing (ABC) that we can entail as an alternative for reducing the cost structure of company, I would like to highlight few benefits ...
Accounting Information Systems
ACCOUNTING INFORMATION SYSTEMS How Technology in Business Operations has Impacted Accounting Information Systems Abstract Organizations are evolving at a rapid pace, as they attempt to match pace with globalization and the information technology revolution. Regrettably, information systems technology does not render help to allow systems to evolution, making information mechanisms a barrier to ...
Adjusting Entries
ADJUSTING ENTRIES Adjusting Entries Adjusting Entries Question 1) Adjusting entries are those entries which are made on the last day of the accounting period i.e. monthly, quarterly or yearly. The reason to make these entries is to adjust the account balance at the end of closing period. Moreover, this also reflects the ...
Accounting Earnings And Corporate Governance
Accounting Earnings And Corporate Governance Examining the Association between Corporate Governance and Quality of Accounting Earnings Table of Contents CHAPTER NO 1: INTRODUCTION3 Statement of the Problem3 Research Question3 Journal Selection3 CHAPTER NO 2: LITERATURE REVIEW5 Ambit of Corporate Governance6 CHAPTER NO 3: RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODOLOGY10 Data Sources and Research Limitations10 Sample selection10 Data Type10 Variables11 Reliability11 Validity12 CHAPTER NO 4: RESULTS13 CHAPTER NO 5: ...
Audit Audit Auditing is one of most important aspects of financial institutions. Today, the auditing firms in Europe in general, and in Britain in particular are in a state of shock in the wake of recent media reports regarding the prevailing irregularities in the financial sector. The company's crisis can be explained ...
Perpetuities And Annuities
Perpetuities and Annuities Perpetuities and Annuities Introduction The purpose of this study is to expand the boundaries of our knowledge by exploring some relevant facts and figures relating to the difference between perpetuities and annuities. The concepts of Perpetuities and Annuities have emerged from the principle of Time value and money. Apart from ...
ACCOUNTING Assignment Assignment Cost-Volume Profit (CVP) Analysis The analysis of cost -volume- profit (CVP) provides a financial snapshot overview of the process of planning. The CVP is formed on the simplifying assumptions about the behavior of costs. The term CVP analyzes the behavior of total costs, total revenue and operating income as changes occur ...
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