Active Learning

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Active Learning


In this paper, we try to focus on Active Learning. However, we explore the concept of active learning to teach business writing. We try to gauge active learning effect on the student. Active learning is the learning in which “Students do most of the work studying ideas, solving problems and applying what they learn out of their seats, moving about and thinking aloud.


Active Learning

Active learning has been defined as an educational approach that used by teachers. In this approach teacher request students to apply classroom context while having instructional activities; which reflect the action that has been taken. Hence, active Learning is the educational process, which aims to strengthen all round educational cognitive activity of students widely, preferably integrated, using a pedagogical ( teaching ) as well as organizational and managerial tools. In order words, Active learning is a student-based learning. This learning can only be achieved through the involvement, motivation, attention and hard work the student.

The student is not a passive agent, as they are not limited to hearing in class, take notes and, very occasionally, the teacher to ask questions along the class, but it participates and is involved in the task, necessarily, to get the knowledge or information that are proposed as objectives of the course. Therefore, a new way of conducting the class and assuming a new role should be adopted by the teacher. Active learning in the teacher is not the central axis which means that no limitation regarding transmitting knowledge and make students learn (Silberman, M. 1996, pp. 75)

The role of teacher and student

The student who put afford to get the valuable knowledge has been always been seen with a successful future. However, the teacher's role in this process becomes very important which should not be forget, since it is the teacher who guides students in their success, who guides each student to develop knowledge, which facilitates and allows for different activities in order that students become involved and work to get some lesson, and is also clear that knowledge who posed great difficulties for students or that they could not get otherwise. Active learning is a major change in the way of looking at teaching and learning requires a change in the role of both teacher and students. The latter, through practice and experience can adapt to new forms of education but the teachers need specific training, because you need to know how, when and how resources can be put into practice or other activities to develop the active learning of the student also must take into account the dynamics and control class are totally dependent on the teacher (Schroeder 1993, pp. 21).

Active learning Strategies

The following are the active learning strategies that has been seen effective and suggested by researchers.

A class discussion can be held in person or in an online environment. Discussions can be conducted with all class size, although it is generally more effective in smaller group settings. This environment allows for guidance of the instructor of the learning ...
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