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Admission essay

Admission essay

The prerequisite of any career is to ensure that a person is willing to take up the anticipated challenges in their field. However, a successful career cannot rely on mundane gains alone; it has to be integrated with personal interest and social well being. This is the reason why I opted for dentistry as my area of practice.

One of the major events that made me consider this choice seriously was when during my time at dental office, the doctor approached and informed me that there was a patient waiting, and that he wanted to show me something I had never seen, nor probably would never see again at such an advanced stage. My immediate reaction was of a curious and inquisitive nature; questions were running through my mind, because I was instantly captivated by something I had never seen before and my first response was to inquire about the diagnoses and treatment plan. Later on, it was deducted that the patient's case was that of Advanced squamous cell carcinoma of the mouth.

Furthering my practice and after having worked at a dental office for almost a year, shadowed multiple dentists, and volunteered overseas with underprivileged children in Guatemala, I continue to be amazed by the marvels that each new dental experience deals. Being able to diagnose a patient's afflictions intrigues me like being challenged with a new puzzle in every patient. From challenging myself to solve Rubik's cubes for time, to constructing scale models and three-dimensional jigsaws, solving puzzles has always been a favorite pastime of mine, and continues to captivate me to such a degree that I am not able to stop pondering them until they are complete. Diagnosing and treating a patient has always intrigued and fascinated me as it is a practical experience like puzzle-solving, ...
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