Advertising And Promotion In Azerbaijan

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Advertising and promotion in Azerbaijan



International Marketing Basics

International Marketing is a systematic product planning, distribution, promotion and pricing, and implementation and monitoring of these activities to an international exchange, which will satisfy the needs of the participating parties. Entering foreign markets, the manufacturer faces different social and economic environment and other infrastructure (Castleberry & French, 1993: 39). 

Promotion and Advertising

Advertising and promotion has a long history in ancient times met all sorts of promotion and advertising of a product, in the form of advertising today is much more complex and operates on many levels. Promotion and advertising is a part of marketing, which are used by companies to achieve their goals. Mainly due to the promotion and advertising is to persuade the customer to purchase, or receive Services Company. Advertising may not necessarily relate to objects, it could also be the desire to persuade customers to different ideological beliefs.

Then the promotion is to stimulate curiosity of the products and brands. The next step is to make the ad evoked feelings of desire to have the product. The last four have a point of advertising is the final behaviour of the customer, the purchase of the product. Promotion and advertising can take many forms, it may be advertising in newspapers, advertising on television, on radio (Aaker & Myers, 1987: 54).

Advertising and Promotion in Different Cultures

As has been demonstrated in diverse strands of marketing literature, culture has a strong impact on how advertisements are perceived and processed. The purpose of this research is to investigate how culture impacts the perception of advertisements in the online world. We compare customers' reactions to online advertisements in the USA and France, choosing these two countries because; the cultural differences between them are significant (Abraham & Lodish, 1993: 248). Advertisers must take a targeted approach to customers in countries whose cultures are highly differentiated. To date, research has investigated the fact that globally expanding internet shopping requires that retailers respond to cultural differences in their web site designs, and adopting a global look has been an important strategy for marketing in multinational markets. However, comparative analyses between American and French consumers are rare.

Mentality and Advertising

Capturing the global market of new territories, as, for example, happened to Europe in the nineties, it is reasonable entails the active expansion of advertising in the new cultural and economic space. Giant corporations, deploying campaigns in new markets, initially rarely take into account the specifics of ethnic and cultural perception of the country because their expensive posters, trailers, clips are available, based on coverage of the entire target audience (Kaiser, 2009: 293). This approach results in the formation of a variety of advertising blunders, funny European buyers in the early nineties. In many ways it has affected their attitudes toward advertising: in fact it was the first advertising campaign, from the people of the former Union.

As the addiction to such advertising techniques and an understanding of their nature of interest to them are gradually ...
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