African American Women In The Progressive Years

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African American Women in the Progressive Years

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African American Women in the Progressive Years


After the civil war abolished slavery, the American social society had to go through a very sensitive and crucial period. The role of the African Americans in the society was being drastically restructured, where the biased polices were being questioned in the legal and social environment. The African American citizens prior to the civil war were not given the liberties and equal treatment as the white population. The transition from the post and pre slavery periods was very challenging for the American society as a whole (Higginbotham, 1992). Even though the tasks of diminishing the already established racist and biased social infrastructures in the country were very difficult in nature, post the American Civil War, these actions had to take place. The African American population was a part of the American society; hence they deserved equal treatment under the legal framework.

In the progressive years of the social and legal development of the country, several important African American civil leaders undertook the task of changing the American society. These leaders were focused on changing the social and political factors present in the country, which caused the African American community to live in an oppressed manner. The Plessy vs. Ferguson decision in the year 1896 was a land mark decision, which had a drastic impact on the civil rights movement of the African Americans. In the case the African American man, Plessy bought a first class train ticket and planned to travel in the 'white only', section. However the Separate Car Act did not allow the Black individuals to travel in the white sections of the train. The court's decision in this case was against the African American man, as the judges felt that the individual belonging to a certain race had the authority to choose the orientation of their customers. Hence in the case of Percy, the management had the right to deny him access to the white only are of the train. This court decision was in a very socially sensitive time in the American society, and it had vast implications for the entire African American community.


Role of the African American Women

In the progressive years of the American society, there were several social rights movement initiated by the leaders in the African American community. The African American s wanted to live in a society where the biased and the racist factors were diminished, and they could seek to live as equals. In this time period the role of the African American women, in the relevant civil rights movement cannot be understated; as these individuals along with the African American men fought for the social rights of their community. In this time period the effort from the entire African American community was required to challenge the negative and discriminatory policies that were present in the American society. In this period the Africans American women have been able to conduct several activities and movements, which helped highlight ...