African Culture In 1960s

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African Culture in 1960s

The author of Everyday use is Alice Walker. This story is based on the basic concept of inheritance which represents the political movement of early 60s of Native, African Americans. In this story, the idea of African American has been discussed also discusses the main problems that an aboriginal family faced. The main character of this story is Mama, who lived with her daughters named Dee Wangero and Maggie the youngest one. The book has been critically acclaimed and generated many reviews and critique. The story revolves around a black woman belonging to a rural area, who believes in preserving her heritage and valuing inherited assets. The story focuses on the differences of approach as reflected in the behavior of Mrs. Johnson and her youngest daughter Maggie, who lives with her successful daughter DEE or Wangero. They were born in America.

Alice Walker has illustrated her magnificent views in her book, “Everyday Use”. The views she has illustrated are regarding the importance to understanding of present life with reference to the traditions and culture which is followed by the people. In the book, Walker has demonstrated the factors that contribute to the values and the culture of a heritage. For this, Dee and the mother, Ms Johnson has been used as the characters. Dee represents modern living, which is materialist and sophisticated. In this life, culture is only valued for the trendy ties that appeal aesthetically. However, the mother is a very simple woman who is contended with life and values her culture. The author has also focused on the significance. An ordinary mom has been described in the book by the author while contempt for the materialistic connection has been associated with Dee. Since the beginning of the story, it has been demonstrated that the mother follows the customs and traditions that she has inherited from her ancestors. The mother describes herself as "a big-boned woman with rough man working hands”. Different abilities have also been described which includes:

“I can kill and clean a hog mercilessly as a man ... I can work outside all day, breaking ice to get water for washing. I can eat pork liver cooked over an open fire minutes after it enters steaming from pigs. One winter I knocked the bull right in the brain between the eyes with a sledgehammer and had the meat hung in the cold and into the night ...
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