Airbus 380

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Airbus 380

Airbus 380


Technology is the most rapidly changing and evolving department in current times. Within months, a new, modified and updated version of last launched model shifts the attention of majority of the customers towards the new updated version. Hence, all the corporate giants in the current times have adapted as a common practice of varying features and functionality of their products from time to time. However, the designers of these products must make sure that the product or equipment is as useful as it is elegant in appearance. One of such industries that are taking all these necessary steps for its growth and survival is the aeronautical industry. With a number of rivals to compete with, every manufacturer in the industry is adapting affective strategies to enjoy the edge over other airline in the market by producing some of the well engineered airplane masterpieces. One of such airplane is Airbus A380 that has caught the attention of many airlines since its origin.


A380 currently enjoys the status of being one of the most famous and useful airplane model. With a marketing demand and pattern research conducted in the year 1991by the manufactures in order to launch a new airplane model, the plane went through various developmental stages of planning, designing, launching and marketing. The airplane model had its first milestone achieved in the year 1995 on its first flight. It was in the year 1995 when the flight was introduced by the manufactures with Singapore Airlines. The major user airlines of the airplane model besides Singapore Airline include The Airway International, Qantas, China Southern Airlines, Emirates, Air France, Korean Air, Lufthansa and Malaysia Airlines. The proud manufacturers of the airliner are the European Corporation Airbus which is a subsidiary of EADS (Hosder, 2001).

Designing and Features of the Airliner Airbus 380 and its Various Other Models

The Airbus A380 is known to be a wide body, double deck, and four engine jet airliner. Moreover, the model currently enjoys the status of being one of the largest passenger airliner with its very huge size being one of its key features. In addition, because of its huge size and appearance, several airports throughout had to face the compulsion of expanding their various facilities in order to accommodate A 380 ( Some of the most appreciated feature includes

Cabin and Floor Spacing

This is indeed the most highlighting feature of the airplane. With the width equivalent to a wide-body aircraft, the upper deck of the plane expands along with the entire width of the fuselage. Therefore, the plane can enjoy the luxury of affording a cabin with a floor space of 478 square meters or 5,145.1 sq ft in the A380-800's model. Therefore, the plane enjoys an edge over the Boeing 747-400, the next second largest airliner, with 49 % of greater floor space.

Design Range

The A380-800 version of the A380 airplane has a design range of 15,400 kilometers or 8,300 nmi. These parameters are sufficient to enable the plane to fly non-stop from New York to Hong ...