Aliens Among Us

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Aliens among Us

Aliens among Us


The definition of Alien or UFO can be as complex as the phenomena itself. Some may define them as creatures of other world; other may define them as through their characteristics such as unidentifiable, invisible or other. There have been numerous cases where people have reported seeing a strange being or strange movements. What are these strange things? Are these psychological images as a result of bed time stories, or there is something among us that is Alien? Then the question is why they have visited us and from where they come from?


There is no denying the number of reports and incidents regarding aliens of UFOs. People from different countries have reported seeing these creatures. People from all walks of life have seen them, these people include astronauts, scientists, pilots, polices officers, and others. Aliens have been encountered in different shapes, colors and sizes. People have seen them sitting on the roof tops, and flying in the night sky, and disappearing before their eyes (Connelly, 2004).

The field of science does not establishes a though as a fact, until the object has been clearly studied. Sometimes the question is not that “are UFO's real?”, but the question is “what exactly has been perceived by people?” We have studied some of the most interesting cases consisting of different facts and stories related to Aliens, as people have reported seeing flying objects maneuvering in the sky, chasing plans in the sky, and disappearing in the fog.


The first case of UFO onboard experience and abductions were reported in 1960s. In order to comprehensively study evidences, we will briefly look at some ancient, as well as, recent encounter with Unidentified Flying Objects. This phenomena has become complex due claims of Alien crashes and government conceals. One of the most famous cases involves the Roswell UFO crash in 1947. Another famous encounter was the Pennsylvania Crash of 1965. United States government has made numerous efforts to investigate such incidents including the famous project of US Air force called Blue Book (Connelly, 2004).

Aliens in Ancient Art

Studies by different researchers have identified mysterious monuments, rock paintings, and stone carvings containing peculiar images of extraterrestrials, hinting the possibility of visit of Aliens to our planet. For instance, carvings of Granite in Hunan illustrate people gazing at the sky at strange and peculiar objects. These are similar to reported incidents of today's UFO's. This evidence is dated to around 42,000 BCE.

Petro-glyphs in Toro Muerto, Peru illustrate peculiar figures wearing helmets. This evidence is dated back to around 10,000 BCE. In the Sahara Desert, at Tassili plateau, researchers found rock figures containing sculptures of round headed creatures. This evidence is dated to 6000 BCE. Other evidence found in Lomoukai, African Nambu Province shows figure similar to that of modern spacesuits (4200 BCE).

Recent Evidences

The world was changed forever on 24th June 1947, when, on a sunny afternoon, a businessman Kenneth Arnold along with his pilot was flying in his private plan near Washington ...
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